Dear Zeda,

I’ve been dating this man for the last two years and it’s been great. We have gotten to the point where he knows my friends and family and I am looking to settle down with him. He on the other hand, has never introduced me to his family. I have met his sister in passing but I have never met his brothers or his parents. I have asked him about it and he says that he has never brought any girl home so he will introduce me when he’s ready to propose. I am unhappy about this and I’m starting to think he’s not serious. – Unhappy girl

Dear Unhappy girl,

It’s a tricky situation you find yourself in. He really could be genuinely thinking about introducing you when he’s ready to propose, but he also could just be wasting your time. I’m surprised he hasn’t even introduced you to his siblings after 2 years together. This for me is a red flag. His siblings should at least be aware of you. You need to have a serious conversation about whether he is looking to settle down with you and when he thinks that will be. If he, after two years, is uncertain, then you may need to reconsider the relationship. All the best!

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