Excelling at work is important. With the stress that comes with a job, keeping things as simple as possible in the wardrobe department can help. Men have it easy when it comes to official wear, while women have a lot more to choose from. For a less cluttered wardrobe and easier mornings, here are some wardrobe essentials every working woman needs.

  1. An interview skirt/pant suit

Get yourself a well-fitting skirt or pant suit to impress at interviews and meetings. For the perfect fit, it’s best to get this made by a tailor. It can be costly but it’s a great investment. Make sure the suit is a neutral color like black or navy blue, and wear it with a white shirt.

2. A quality blazer/jacket

A great blazer can transform even the most basic outfit. You want to invest in a few of these. Have them in neutral colors like black, navy blue, grey and beige. You can pair them with a simple dress or skirt and blouse and you’ll be ready to take on the world.

3. A business meeting dress

A dress for business meetings is modest, flattering and stylish. You can never go wrong with a shift dress. The great thing about this style is that it is flattering for most body shapes and you can go for bolder colors like a solid red, orange or purple and still look professional.

4. A work bag

A good work bag needs to be big enough to carry a folder, a tab and umbrella, though it shouldn’t be too big that it looks like an overnight bag. Go for leather as it is durable and pick a color that works well with your outfits like black or brown.

5. A comfortable pair of heels

You must own a couple of flats and a couple of high heels and your most important pair of shoes must be a comfortable pair of heels that you can stand in all day at meetings or business cocktails. There are some gorgeous chunky heels that are perfect for this, or if you are a fan, you can go for an understated kitten heel.


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