road trip map

Everybody loves a good road trip. It provides a break from the humdrum of everyday life. You get to enjoy unique experiences, make memories and learn something new. For you to really have fun during the trip, take all the hassle out during the planning stage.

Plan in Good Time

Give yourself enough time to plan for the trip. This ensures you have everything you need. Last minute rush not only causes one to forget important stuff, but also brings about stress. No one wants to be uptight at the beginning of a road trip.

Get the best rates

If going for a few days’ trip, shop around for the best rates. Finding a cheaper service provider is a great way to save money. The savings could go to covering contingencies.

Contingency Money

Have some funds set aside for emergencies. A flat tyre, unforseen expense or falling ill could ruin the entire trip especially if you don’t have money to cover it.

Research on the Place

Read widely about the destination. Find out what the weather is like, the roads, culture, and if you’re travelling to another country, the laws. You may require certain vaccinations and a visa. Make sure these are in order way before the trip to avoid inconveniences.

Have fun!

That’s the whole point of a road trip. Don’t be so caught up in planning that you forget to have a good time. Put away the phone as much as you can and savour the moment.¬†Even if some things don’t go according to plan, be easy on yourself, go with the flow.


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