You have gone for the interview and it went well. Maybe you were even called for a second one and aced it. Now the company has presented their offer. It may be very tempting especially if you’d been on the job search for long, to jump and take it. But before you do, it would be wise to make some considerations.

Most likely you already did this before the interview. If however you need insight into the company’s working culture, the best people to ask would be the employees. If a friend works there that’s an added advantage. Alternatively look for people who have interacted with the firm in various capacities. This gives an overview of what you’re likely to encounter should you take the job.

Request the hiring manager to give you a contract clearly outlining the terms of engagement. Stories abound of frustrated workers feeling shortchanged or being exploited by employers since they began working without contracts.
Carefully go through all the terms to ensure you understand. In case anything is unclear contact the hiring manager for clarification.

Career Goals
After going through the terms, gauge whether the job is in line with your long term career goals. The pay might be lucrative but ask yourself if joining the firm will push you towards the vision you have for your career. Are there opportunities for growth or will you just be at the same level the entire time?

If you accept the offer, have a plan in mind in line with your career goals. Work out how you’ll grow in the organization for instance seeking a mentor there. Make the goals measurable to ensure you succeed. Aiming to do a report each week is more focused than just saying you’ll do reports. Clear objectives keep you focused and give you something tangible to show when it’s time to negotiate for that promotion.


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