makeup removal

After a day or night out with makeup on, we ought to remove it before going to bed. We all know that, right? But how appropriate is the procedure you use? You may be wondering where that latest breakout on your face came from. It could be from residual makeup beneath the skin surface. To combat this and many other woes, here are some effective makeup removal hacks that save the day.

Coconut Oil

This is hailed as ‘the god of oils’ among naturalistas. However it’s also amazing at removing makeup. It breaks down products easily such that they slide off your face smoothly. Additionally it is gentle on the skin so you need not fear side effects. Unless your skin is allergic to coconut oil, of course.

Wet Wipes

Pass a wipe over your face gently, working in upward circular motions. This counters gravity that causes our skin to sag slowly but ever so surely. There are specially formulated makeup remover wipes that are more powerful than regular wipes, though the latter still work. Be cautious when using wipes- check for formaldehyde-releasing chemicals such asĀ 2-Bromo-2-Nitropropane-1,3-Diol. These are harmful lto the skin. Also, follow up with a water rinse immediately to remove any residual irritating ingredients.

Micellar Water

Many makeup users swear by this product as gentle yet effective at makeup removal. It contained particles called micelles that attract dirt particles and lift them from your face. Your skin is left free from all sweat, grime and products. To use, soak a cotton pad in micellar water and wipe your face gently.

Skin Cleansing

Ater using these products it is recommended to finish with a cleansing routine. This removes any residue and refreshes the facial skin. Begin with a cleanser (removes dirt), then a toner (firms up the skin) and cap it off with a moisturiser to keep the skin supple.

Following these simple steps you can rest easy knowing your skin is fresh and unburdened. After a few weeks your skin will be glowing, with and without makeup.


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