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February is largely known as the month of love. Valentines Day is when couples come out in full gear to celebrate each other. This can have a toll on those in a long-distance relationship. Especially when it seems everyone is competing to outdo others in extravagant shows of affection. How do you keep loneliness from driving you crazy when your beau is away?

Communicate Regularly

Set specific times for lengthy conversations when you are both free. This cuts out distractions from work or other commitments. It also gives you something to look forward to throughout the day. Short messages during the day let your partner know that you’re thinking of them, but don’t overdo it of course. We live in the technology age thus communication channels are almost endless. Phone calls, Skype, Face Time calls, messaging on social media platforms…take your pick.


It can be daunting after a while to believe your partner is given to you only when they aren’t around. Lack of trust however, can deal a death blow to a┬álong-distance relationship. It messes with your peace of mind. You find yourself going over his social media timelines looking for subliminal messages. Believe the best for the sake of the relationship and your sanity.

Meet When You Can

Constant communication can’t entirely replace meeting in person. Create time for you to hang out as often as possible. This builds the bond between you and gives opportunities to discuss issues more freely. To maximise this time, make sure your schedules have no urgent matters to be attended to around that period.

Share An Activity

Find something you both love to do, and agree on a specific time when you’ll both do it. For instance, have dinner at the same time. Or watch a television series episode then discuss the unfolding plot thereafter. For the latter it could be tempting to watch ahead of your partner if the story is gripping, but hold out. It gives you the feeling of being connected and gives you something to look forward to as well.


You don’t have to wait for the day you’ve set to meet. Make a surprise visit and brighten up your beau’s day. If that’s not possible, a gift or card would do to crush the loneliness and keep the spark alive.


Give each other space to develop individually. Have a life apart from your partner. Take time to grow in your career and other things that you’re passionate about. This also takes your mind off the loneliness.


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