laptop on desk

Having a laptop is convenient especially for students and people who work on the go. These prized machines are expensive to replace therefore it’s important to keep them in optimal condition for as long as possible. Many view the laptop as a rather hardy machine and don’t pay attention to maintenance until some strange noises beep or lights flash. But treating it with care can ensure it serves you a long time.

Padded Bag

The ordinary backpack isn’t ideal for carrying laptops as they lack cushioning material to shield the machine from hard knocks. If you bought it with a sling bag and are seeking a more comfy bag, consider having a backpack custom made with padding. These are inexpensive and the best part is having a unique design tailored to your taste!

Use on a Hard Surface

Working or watching movies from the bed might seem like the perfect solution on a lazy day but this actually damages your battery. Soft bedding absorbs heat from the laptop and concentrates it at the bottom thus raising the temperature of the battery. Over time the battery is damaged completely. The machine can’t turn on unless hooked to a socket- leaving you with a ‘TV’.

Temperature Changes

If you’ve just come indoors from a very cold environment outside, give the machine time to warm up to room temperature before turning it on. The same goes for moving from hot to cold areas.


The laptop screen is very sensitive. Use a soft lint-free cloth and approved solutions only to clean it. Beware of pressing too hard when wiping lest it breaks. Every six months, use a blower to remove dust lodged underneath the keys. It is recommended to switch off the machine before cleaning for safety reasons.


When travelling or not using the machine for long, remove any CDs or thumb drives. Also completely turn off the laptop, don’t just put it in hibernate mode.


Set a password that isn’t obvious to guess for instance your child’s name or birth date. With the emergence of software that uses common words to hack passwords, go for those which aren’t full words. Try a mashup of words to create your unique code.



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