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We have all been stuck with old clothes at some point. Some we give away, but others are in such a rugged or faded condition that it’s improper to donate. Instead of throwing them into the trash bin or using them as dusters, how about repurposing? This means turning the item into something else that is functional and serves a purpose different from the original. A cool term for it is ‘upcycling’.

Denim Pants

That washed-out pair of denim pants that has outlived its lifetime can be turned into a bag in its next life. Take it to your tailor and ask them to cut off the legs then sew the bottom. Straps are made from the legs and attached to the waist area of the jeans. The result is a stylish, unique and durable bag suitable for various occasions. The size of the bag depends on your preference.


Everyone loves tees. They’re so comfortable and versatile. But when they begin to fade and stretch out of shape, it’s time to let go. If you’re having a hard time with this then turn your tee into a bag. You’ll still have it with you but serving a dignified purpose. Cut off both sleeves and sew the cut area such that the threads aren’t exposed. Sew the bottom of the tee- this forms the bag bottom. And voila! A dope bag. Use it for shopping, carrying books or whatever you want really. Best part is you can wash and dry it easily compared to ‘normal’ bags.

Tired of your usual bed cover? Take several old tees then cut off the sleeves and neck area such that you’re left with a square piece of fabric. Sew the pieces end to end until you achieve the desired dimensions. This might take more than one session so take your time to get the best results. Put on some music or your favourite TV series to take your mind off the monotony of stitching.

Panty Hose

These can be turned into hair bands/ hair ties in minutes. Cut off the leg section of the hose. Cut along the leg so as to remain with two pieces. That’s it! Use them for styling your hair into afro puffs or buns. You’re assured they won’t snap or pull at the hair like those hair ties with metal parts.


Those sweaters begging for retirement can find new life as hats. Line up the bottom edges then cut into a rounded shape. Make sure the width of the cut off piece is equivalent to the height of a beanie hat. Sew the piece at the top. The bottom of the sweater forms the beanie hat rim. For a snug fit, choose a sweater with ribbing at the bottom. Add accessories like buttons to make your hat even more unique.

The possibilities of reusing old clothes are endless. Try out these few suggestions to bring your clothes (and creativity) to life.


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