off-shoulder fashion trends

With each new year comes new stuff. Most people want to leave everything to do with the previous year behind, including fashion trends. However, the fashion world is interesting and unpredictable. Not all fads die off by the end of the year. Let’s look at some of 2017’s fashion trends that are still with us.

African Print

There’s no doubt that 2017 saw the upsurge of black culture appreciation. A renaissance, one might say. African print fabrics became popular again and suddenly everyone who wanted to be considered ‘woke’ donned clothes, shoes and even bags made from such. At some point it seemed overdone, but the trend is still with us in 2018. The cool thing about African print is the large variety. So many patterns and colours to choose from thus you’re less likely to have a cookie-cutter outfit.


In the past, these have been incorporated into skirts. Fringe slowly caught on last year, but  is now finding a way into accessories such as clutch bags and purses. Tassel detail can take your purse from ordinary to fab in no time. If going for an edgy look, fringe tops are the perfect fit.

Thigh-high Slit

Red-carpet events can’t seem to have enough of the thigh-high slit. Celebrities have been showing off their perfect pedicures and well-moisturised legs in such dresses and skirts. There’s nothing quite like the ultra-high slit to inject oomph into your outfit. It’s not a preserve of the celebs though, try on such outfits for movie premieres or artsy festivals.


This was one of the most in-your-face fashion trends last year. It began with denim then stretched to other fabrics like cotton and yes, African print. People are still clearly in love with off-shoulder since it’s still here. If you have prominent clavicles, this is perfect for you. Just make sure your skin is well moisturised and your bra is strapless. Visible straps with off-shoulder is an absolute no-no.


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