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Skirts are some of the most versatile articles of clothing. They can be worn to the office, church, at weddings or even just chilling at home. They come in all manner of designs, lengths and fabrics too. To pick the perfect skirt for any occasion just follow these simple tips and you’ll be sorted.

Maxi Skirts

These are the long, flowing kind that sweep the ground as you walk. Maxis are perfect for attending weddings and going to church. Those with thigh-high slits are popular on the red carpet as well as evening events. Be mindful of where you’ll be going throughout the day to avoid ruining your pretty skirt with dirt. Or better still, throw on a pair of heels to keep it off the floor.

Skater Skirts

Also known as A-line skirts because the outline spreads out like an uppercase ‘A’. They are mostly short/ slightly above the knee. Bring out your skater skirt on those hot days when attending festivals or having an afternoon hangout with your girlfriends.

Midi Skirts

This type of skirt reaches the calf but doesn’t touch the ankle. It can either be A-line or pencil (figure-hugging). They go best with heels and wedges. With the right shoes, a midi can really bring out that ‘power’ office look. Remember to keep colours and patterns muted for the office.

Mini Skirts

These hot numbers need no introduction! Every party-loving girl has one for those nights out. Sequined minis add oomph to your outfit due to their sparkly nature. Paired with heels, minis give you that classy ‘endless legs’ look. Denim mini skirts are great for summer weather. They go with almost any kind of top and shoes.

Also consider the fabric type. Natural fabric such as cotton is suited for hot weather as it allows the skin to keep cool. Denim withstands tough outdoor conditions better than delicate high-end types like wax prints.



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