friendship silhouette

They say you can’t choose your family, but you choose your friends. Buddies are a vital support system. Indeed, some friends turn into family over time. Think about that girlfriend whom you gel with so well, that anyone who sees you together thinks you’re sisters. See what I mean? Just like any other human relationship, a friendship needs certain things for it to thrive.


A friendship should be a haven of trust. You should feel safe sharing what’s going on in your lives without fear of judgement. Or the issues being told to someone else without consent. Your pal should be confident that you’ll come through for them in times of need.


We tend to take our friends for granted sometimes. Months upon months go by without us communicating beyond the occasional meme. However, people go through so much at times and feel ashamed to share. Or feel like they’ll be burdening someone. Check up on your friend once in a while to find out how they’re really doing. Better still, meet for a relaxed hangout. Listen to what they are (and aren’t) saying. A lot is communicated subconsciously through the unsaid.


You expect your friend to always be on your side, especially if you’re close. However, they will rub you the wrong way from time to time since they are only human, after all. The same goes for you. Don’t hold their mistakes over their head. Acknowledge that they did you wrong but ask yourself what’s more important- being right or maintaining the friendship. Have an open discussion with your pal, iron out the issue and move forward.


We all make time for who and what we value. If someone considers themselves your friend, they will create time: for your stories, to see you, attend your celebrations, to listen to your rants and raves, to attend events when you invite them. Otherwise what are friends for anyway?


This is a crucial ingredient for friendships. You may not always agree on every point, but respect is key. Understand that you can hold divergent views without being enemies. After all, you come from different backgrounds and might have varying personalities. Respect the things that your friend holds dear. Listen to their point of view and you might realise that you’re actually not too different.


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