alone travel

Travelling alone to a foreign country can be exciting. It allows you to immerse yourself into the trip without being influenced by the needs or opinions of a travel partner. You also get to develop a great deal of self confidence. For some people it can be unsettling if they are doing it for the first time or aren’t used to being alone. With proper planning and the right attitude, it’s nothing to be worried about at all.


Do it intensively. Find out everything you can about the weather, cultural nuances, security concerns and the like. Learning a few basic phrases in the local language can save you when in a tight jam and help you make friends. It helps you avoid making gestures consideredĀ inappropriate in that culture.


Keep cash, gadgets like phones and cameras and identification documents out of sight. Use inner coat pockets where possible. Leave whatever you don’t need for the day locked in the safe of your hotel. Never leave your bag(s) unattended when in public spaces.


Venture to the less-known places. Touristy spots are alright- take a few pictures there for the sake of ticking them off your list. Being alone, however, affords you the freedom to go off the beaten path. Remember to pay attention to your safety at all times.

Blend In

Save that ‘I Love Seychelles’ t-shirt for when you go back home. Walk with confidence even if you’re not too sure where you’re headed. The idea is to avoid obviously looking like a tourist. Wearing expensive jewellery isn’t a good idea either.

Prepare Intensively

Check your packing list several times to ensure you have everything you need. Arriving at your destination only to discover some things were left behind is annoying. It might cost you more money buying toiletries there, for example than if you’d done it back home.

Be Open

To trying new experiences. Indulge in the local menus, make friends with different people, learn a few things about the culture. After all, who knows when you’ll get a chance to visit again? Travelling alone gives you control of your itinerary- be as adventurous as you can within safe limits.

Ask For Help

If you find yourself lost or unsure, the locals are best placed to help since they know the area well. It saves you time and eliminates frustration of going in circles. Keep in mind that muggers and people with bad intentions in general prey upon those who look lost.



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