Bonding with our children is important. Not only does it build a good relationship with them, but also helps them develop into confident, successful  adults. However with our lives becoming increasingly busy, finding time to connect with them can be a challenge. A large number of children are entirely raised by nannies. With a little creativity though, you can find fun ways to bond with your child.


Music enhances the release of endorphins, the ‘feel good’ hormones. It creates a cheerful mood. Turn on the radio and let your kids dance to their favourite songs. Better still, join them. Let the emphasis not be on perfection but having fun. If your child can play an instrument, encourage them to play. Listen and cheer them on. Nothing builds a child’s confidence more than parental support.

Board Games

Beyond enhancing critical thinking skills, board games provide room for close interaction and working through complex emotions. Board games mimic rhythm of conversation through the give-and-take aspect.


Carve out some few minutes each day to read with your children. Reading enhances bonding due to the shared emotion, eye contact and cuddling. Provide a safe environment for them to voice concerns and ask questions. Be patient, address the issues they raise as gently as you can.

Time Outdoors

Being surrounded by nature lowers stress levels, lowers high blood pressure, reduces muscle tension and boosts our moods. In such an environment bonding comes naturally. You don’t have to do something grand, even taking a short walk outdoors makes a world of a difference. It improves physical and emotional health for all parties.

Meal Preparation

In a bid to protect your children, you may have banned them from the kitchen. This only increases their curiosity, making them stick around. Allow them to assist according to their age. Younger ones can set aside ingredients while older ones can wash and cut veggies, for example. Remember to allow them to have fun. Insisting that everything be done ‘perfectly’ will only stress them out.


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