white fashion

White is a tricky colour to wear. Most people steer clear of it, leaving it to the daring. Apart from the difficulty in keeping white outfits clean, they are lost when it comes to the how¬†part of wearing whites. If you’ve suffered this predicament don’t worry, here are some simple guidelines to navigate this area.


Pick shoes whose proportions match those of the rest of your outfit. For example, heavy black boots with a lightweight dress look out of place. Sandals in natural tones or white are more suitable for such a look.


Consider where you’ll be spending the day and how you’ll move around. Wearing white when in the city and using public transport can be a nightmare. Dust and soot from dirty seats, car doors, lamp posts, etc will take your outfit from 100 to 0 real quick.

If attending a wedding, white dresses are generally a no-no. Leave that for the bride. It’s okay if your outfit has white accents though.


If wearing a LWD, you can get away with accessories in bold colours. However if the outfit has several shades of white, stick to neutral- coloured pieces in beige, tan or metallics such as silver and gold.


White suits tailored to fit give you an edge. It gives you an aura of confidence, especially if worn top-to-toe. If that’s too much for you, include a black blouse and shoes to break the look. Or any other solid colour that suits your fancy. The good thing about white is that it goes well with any colour. Blue, red and black give a punchy contrast.


Unfortunately no matter how thick the material, white pants are see-through to some degree. Stay away from brightly coloured or dark underwear- these will show through the pants. Choose white instead.


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