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Just as with siblings, we find ourselves drifting away from relatives as we grow older. The holidays and family functions are the only occasions when we meet, and soon we become strangers to each other. It doesn’t have to go that far though. It’s said that cousins are siblings from another family. Here are a few ways to catch up without feeling like it’s forced.
Road Trip
One of the best ways to really know someone is to travel with them. You get to see the ‘other side’ of them that might not show during other interactions. Road trips present new experiences and you get to make memories. Shared experiences and responsibilities while on a trip bring about a friendly bond.
Share A Meal
Good food automatically leads to good moods. When everyone is cheerful bonding comes naturally. Restaurant outings are great, but preparing a home-cooked meal together is more fun. This also allows for free interaction with your cousins without other people judging you for being too loud or weird. Just be yourself and have an amazing time.
Work On A Project
Choose something fun but a bit challenging to do together. It could be redecorating a room, repurposing old clothes or even charity work. Let everyone be involved in proposing ideas for the project. Make it interesting for instance by awarding points based on who finishes first or has the most unique piece. Remember not to take it too seriously though to the point where it’s too competitive and no one is having fun.
Share Difficulties
As the bond with your cousins grows, you might find yourself identifying more with one of them. Approach them and ask if they are comfortable allowing you to share what you’re going through. If both of you are around the same age you may be surprised to find how much you have in common. Sharing your struggles with someone enhances bonding as it shows a level of trust.
Get together and surprise on of your cousins on their important days like birthdays, graduation or baby shower. You don’t even have to go all out with a big party. Get them a gift and pay them a visit at home. This shows you care and gives a chance to catch up instead of waiting for weddings or- God forbid – funerals.


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