cousins bonding Easter

Easter season is here with us. Second to Christmas, it’s a holiday people take advantage of to catch up with family. If you’re blank on ideas of how to make the most of the long weekend, we’ve got you covered.

Get Togethers

Easter provides enough time for meeting up with the extended family. A laid back brunch or barbeque is perfect for getting people to relax. It’s amazing how food breaks down barriers of bad moods. Have everybody participate in preparing the meal/ setting up. Teamwork creates an atmosphere for bonding.

Family Day In

If you’re not able to meet with extended family, spend some time with your immediate family. It could happen that the weather doesn’t cooperate that day. Have a family day in. Bring out those board games, DIY crafts, action games, etc. Prepare a special meal to share together. Watch a movie that you all enjoy. Just because the weather is dreary doesn’t mean you can’t have fun.

Family Day Out

There are numerous activities for a day out. From restaurant dates, to picnics, hiking, road trips, paintball, camping, spending time in the park…there’s something for everyone. Make sure everyone is in agreement- you could even take a vote if necessary. After all, Easter is a time for enjoyment.

Time With Friends

Friends are the family we get to choose. Make some time to hang out with your friends, especially those you’ve been away from for long. It’s a great opportunity to find out how they’re doing.

Time With Bae

The long Easter weekend shouldn’t go by with your significant other feeling neglected. If they are around make time to hang out after you’ve been with your families. This could be the time you’ve chosen for introduction to each others’ families. It allows you to get to know your future in-laws in a relaxed setting.


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