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The right kind of innerwear gives you that top-of-the world confidence. However, most ladies wear the wrong size or type of bra unknowingly. This is not only embarrassing, but could also cause health problems in the case of undersize bras.

To measure your bra size, you’ll need a non-padded bra and measuring tape. First measure your band size by wrapping the tape measure on your underbust area. Exhale to get the smallest measurement possible but the tape shouldn’t be too tight. Note down the figure. If the number is a fraction, round it off to the nearest whole.

To measure the cup size stand straight with your arms at your sides. Measure across the widest part of your bust. The tape should be parallel to the ground and not too tight. Again, any fractions should be rounded off to the nearest whole.

Subtract your band measurement from the cup measurement. This is your bra size. For every inch in difference the cup goes up by one size, e.g a difference of 2 indicates a B cup while 3 is a C cup.

Perfectly fitting bras are comfortable- they don’t pinch or tug. They offer effortless support and leave you feeling sultry. Your back isn’t strained and it helps with maintaining good posture.

Straps should stay parallel to each other or form a slight ‘V’ at the back. If they slip down your shoulders after adjusting, the band might be a bit small. Try a smaller cup size coupled with a bigger bust band. Straps that dig into your shoulders indicate a band that’s too big and is not offering support. To remedy this, go for a bra with a smaller band and larger cup size.

The centre front of the bra (bra bridge) should lie perfectly flat on the body. If it lies on your breasts or leaves a space between the rib cage, the cup size is too small.

The cups should fit perfectly around the breasts, with no flesh spillover or space between the breast and cup. The former means the cup is too small while the latter is a case of an oversize sup. Underwires should go around the breast outline without digging into the flesh. Tight underwire indicates the cup size is too small.

Remember though that everyone is different and conventional sizing methods might not always work. Bra sizes also vary depending on the type of bra. Visit a bra shop and request a professional fitting if you’re having a hard time finding your size.



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