imposter syndrome mask

Have you recently gotten a new job or promotion, but are hounded by thoughts that you don’t deserve it? Sure, you’ve put in the hard work as required but there’s a nagging feeling that you are not up to task and one day you’ll be ‘found out’. This phenomenon is known as imposter syndrome. People who experience this rarely celebrate their achievements. They fear being exposed as a fraud.

If not managed in good time, imposter syndrome can paralyse one into stagnation. The individual feels that their success this far is based on luck and fears failing miserably in the next task. You might not get rid of the syndrome completely, but you can learn how to identify it and rise above feelings of inadequacy.

Reflect On Your Achievements

It’s easy to get caught up in thoughts of doubt and fear of the future. Instead, have a journal where you document your successes. Reflect on them regularly. Appreciate how far you’ve come and the effort you put into your achievements. You have earned your current position, you’re not here by fluke.

Isolate The Issue

Identify exactly what is causing you to doubt yourself. Is it being entrusted to lead a team on a project? A new job title assigned to you? Being promoted after a short time in the company? Find someone you can confide in freely, ideally not a co-worker. They will help you see amazing qualities about yourself, redirecting your focus to your strengths.

Share Your Knowledge

You have much more expertise than you realize. Find someone who desires to grow in your field and mentor them. This helps build on your confidence and skills. It even unlocks new strengths. Seeing your mentee grow also gives you a sense of purpose.

Change Your Language

Feelings can really be deceptive. They can distort our outlook on reality. Instead of using ‘I feel’ a lot in sentences, change it to ‘I think’. Use more assertive language- banish that doubt.

You Aren’t Perfect

Cut yourself some slack if you don’t get everything right. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. If you’ve worked on your idea and it still doesn’t feel perfect, implement it anyway. If you fail it’s alright, you’ve made steps ahead rather than being paralysed by fear.

Accepit It

Imposter syndrome is a mark of success. High achievers in all fields experience it. Feeling like a fraud yet you’re qualified means you’re on the right track. Take a deep breath, focus on your achievements, go out there and be great.


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