Most people view art as something confined to those with artistic talent. But did you know that art and emotional well-being are interlinked? Artists find that they express their emotions best through their work. Having an avenue for emotional release is key to good  mental health.

Engaging in artistic activities boosts one’s creativity. The creative thinking process engages your brain in different ways. It produces different brain chemicals than your everyday logical thinking. Vary the activities you do from music, to dance, writing, painting, sketching, penning a poem. This gives the brain different forms of exercise. This translates to helping you tackle life situations in positive new ways.

Art is a major stress-buster. When you really concentrate on creating a piece, your focus shifts away from the world around you. It provides a mental escape from the humdrum of life. You become more aware of your state at the moment.

Each type of art develops a particular set of skills. Engaging in the kind of art you love helps you develop these skills. As these improve over time, it boosts your self esteem as you review your accomplishments. You can track your growth and different emotional states at various times. Creating a piece of art brings with it feelings of satisfaction.

Art helps your brain build plasticity i.e the ability to change and grow new connections over time. This is a vital requirements for handling new situations and recovering from stressful ones. Your brain learns how to develop new thought patterns. Artistic activities create new connections between brain cells. This helps with recovering from conditions such as addiction and PTSD.

Would you believe that art can build your empathy for others? Viewing artwork triggers emotions through brain chemicals. It increases feelings of love and empathy towards others. Incredible, isn’t it?


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