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Beach vacations bring to mind images of sun, sand between one’s toes and, of course, swimming. Thus a swimsuit is one of the must- pack items when going on holiday in a coastal region. However, shopping for one is a harrowing experience for most ladies. Partly due to the fear of how their bodies will look once they put the swimsuit on. It doesn’t have to be that way though, here’s how to select and wear them with confidence.

Check On The Fit

Having a swimsuit that fits well contributes greatly to your confidence. Otherwise if it’s too big or too tight, you’ll be self-conscious all the time, tugging and pulling. It’s better to make your purchase at a physical shop so you can try it on before taking it home. Move around in the dressing room to see how the swimsuit sits in various positions. Stretch, squat and sit. If it feels awkward in private, imagine how much more it will be in public.

Wear What You Love

There are so many types of swimwear available these days. Don’t feel pressured to stick to a certain ‘look’ if you don’t like it. This could dampen your confidence and mood yet you’re supposed to be enjoying the vacation.


Worried about feeling bare in a swimsuit? Complete the look with accessories. Find sandals, hats, sunnies, and a beach bag that go well with the bathing suit. Cover-ups are a savior for those who feel shy. They’re stylish too- use them instead of heavy towels that can make you look drab.


The key to looking good in any outfit is to wear it with loads of confidence. It’s no different when it comes to a swimsuit. If you’re constantly looking around checking who may be looking at you too much, chances are people will notice. Instead, walk confidently with your back straight even if you feel nervous. Those around you will pick up on your good vibe.


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