If you find that your skin is dry in some areas and oily in others, you have combination skin. It might be a challenge to deal with since you can’t just stick to products for dry or oily skin. Don’t despair though, managing combination skin is possible.

Since different parts of your face have different characteristics, you’ll need to care for them separately. For dry areas, use moisturising products while the oily areas need mattifying products. The oily parts need light products so as not to overwhelm the pores. Use a serum, emollient booster or moisturiser everywhere else.

If you suffer from extreme combination skin, a different approach is needed. Apply emollient-rich products on the dry areas, blending away from the oily zones. Add oil-absorbing products only where needed. Be careful to dab them on precisely. Don’t mix these with products applied on dry areas.

When cleaning the skin, use a gentle water-soluble cleanse that doesn’t leave you feeling dry/ greasy. If you need deep cleansing for example in days you’ve applied heavy makeup, use a soft brush that doesn’t bruise the skin.

Toners should be hydrating, soothing and non-irritating. They should have antioxidants and skin-replenishing ingredients. Well- formulated toners nourish dry skin and minimize oiliness at the same time so you can rest easy.

When exfoliating, use a non-abrasive, leave-on BHA (beta hydroxyl acid) exfoliant. BHA is effective in sloughing off dead skin normally without abrasion, unclogs pores, lessens oily skin, and gently smooths rough, dry, flaky skin while reviving a healthy glow. Combination skin benefits the most from weightless fluid gel, or or water-like liquid BHA toners.

At bedtime, use a night time moisturiser that has serum, gel or liquid texture all over the face. On the dry areas, layer on an emollient serum or oil booster while leaving out oily areas.

As for sunscreen, use one that’s light on the skin and has a matte finish. For the dry zones, start with nourishing serum before applying sunscreen and you’re good to go.


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