dry ground

Skin care is an integral part of health and beauty. Knowing your skin type helps a great deal in this regard. If you’re already aware that you have dry skin then you’re most probably searching for products to help you manage this. However, skin care goes beyond products. You need a wholesome regimen for best results.


When taking a shower, use lukewarm water instead of hot. It my be tempting to turn up the heat on a cold day, but this will cause irritation. You may notice your skin feeling prickly after a hot shower- this is a warning signal. Keep bathing time short- 10 minutes max, and use gentle cleansers free of fragrance. Keep the door closed to lock in humidity. When done, pat your skin dry. Rubbing is harsh and absorbs too much moisture.


Moisturise your skin when it’s still slightly damp to trap the water in. Use creams and ointments rather than lotions which tend to irritate skin. Creams that contain glycerin, shea butter or oils such as jojoba or olive are most effective. Stay away from skin products that have alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA), alcohol,  retinoids and fragrance. These dry out the skin.

Skin Care Throughout the Day

Focusing on the skin during and after a shower is great but not enough. Whenever you wash your hands, use gentle cleansers. This goes for when washing dishes as well. Apply hand cream after these activities. For more protection wear gloves. Use lip balm as you go through the day to protect your lips from cracking. On cold days, avoid sitting near room heater or a fire for too long. Layering on clothes helps you stay warm without being near an open heat source.

If after these measures your skin is still irritated, see a dermatologist for medical advice.




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