Romantic dates are often equated to candle-lit dinners or going to see the latest movie. This may be a challenge if you and/ or your significant other are introverted. Introverts generally don’t like crowds and being in noisy places for long. However with a little creativity you can still have a great time together.

Game Night

Choose a game/ games that you both like and have a fun time indoors. Video games, board games, word play exercises…whatever suits your fancy. A little competition in relationships is healthy and helps you understand your partner better. Remember the aim is to have fun- don’t get too competitive!

Read Books

Pick a book to read together. Get yourselves each a copy, set a day to meet and read it. You could make it fun by discussing the plot every few chapters or competing to see who will finish first.

Afternoon Dates

Since introverts don’t like too many people being in their space, try afternoon dates. Movie theatres are less occupied at this time. Go for an early dinner at around 5pm instead of from 7pm onwards when everyone is coming out for their dates. You could follow up the dinner with a peaceful movie night indoors.

Nature Walks

Look for a park with nature trails where you can just go and immerse yourself in nature. Visit the park when it’s low season and off-peak time to get maximum tranquility. Alternatively, walk around your neighbourhood exploring new routes. Stop and smell the flowers, appreciate the variety of colours and textures in the trees, observe the birds. It’s amazing just how much we see when we slow down and view things from a new perspective.

Art Project

You don’t necessarily need to be a dyed-in-the-wool artist for this. The main focus is having fun. Create a piece of art together- this could be a painting, repurposing old household items, repainting a room, writing a song, making a sculpture…the ideas are endless. The pieces don’t have to be perfect, as long as you’re both having a good time.


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