fashion style

The world of fashion can be really overwhelming. There are so many trends, rules and options. What’s hot today could be faux pas next month. Before you catch up with what’s going on, guys have moved on. You’re left with a closet full of pieces you can’t wear anymore. So how do you develop a personal fashion style among all these?


What outlook do you want to present to others. How do you want the world to view you? Your style should reflect your personality. Consider your lifestyle. A casual environment career goes well with prints, knits, denim, etc while a corporate job needs formal, sharp pieces.


This sounds contradictory since we’re trying to craft a personal style, right? For beginners who are lost at how to proceed, imitation is the easiest way to get in the game. Choose a couple of outfits you like and try to copy them as closely as possible. This causes you to consider carefully details like how certain pieces work together for example in terms of cut and fit. Copying also helps you on the journey to discovering what you like without stressing so much on coming up with looks.

Start Where You Are

Instead of jumping cold turkey into new territory, begin with what you have. Take a few of your staples and use them as a base. Figure out exactly why these are your favourites- is it colour, fabric, prints, fit? Use these qualities as guidelines when shopping for new outfits. For a fresh perspective, research online to see how other people are styling your favourites.

Look and See

When you’re at work, eating out, at the bus station, at the park, basically anywhere away from your house, engage in people- watching. Don’t just look, actually see. Observe what others are wearing. Note down what you like then try to replicate the same. This will spark your creativity with existing pieces or styling new ones that you purchase.



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