in-laws family dinner

Family get-togethers are supposed to be a time of catching up on time away each from other in an atmosphere of fun and merriment. However it isn’t always like this. Especially when extended family is involved. We may not get along with everybody so some feathers might get ruffled. That being said, we should strive to keep things cordial to maintain good relationships.

During family gatherings we find ourselves sharing our achievements. As exciting as this is, be careful not to go overboard. Always focusing on yourself to the point that no one can get a word in will create a negative atmosphere. You might find yourself isolated since you’ve come across as proud. State your successes without belabouring the point.

Stick to positive attitudes. Pointing out other family members’ mistakes will only dampen the mood. Playing favourites ¬†and comparing one person to the others to show they aren’t good enough doesn’t help either. You may not agree with everyone’s mannerisms but just let it slide. If someone is really out of line though, take them aside and relay your concerns amicably. That goes for personal grudges as well. Emphasising on the past will only strain relations.

When serving food and drinks, be considerate about others. Take moderate portions. If going for seconds, check first to see that everyone has taken their share. In case alcoholic drinks are being served, go easy on them. Getting blind drunk in such a setting might lead to embarrassment.

Before going for the gathering, take time to de-stress so you can be at your best. Get enough sleep, exercise, have your quiet time. Anything you need to do in order not to be high-strung, do it.

Family get-togethers often happen during the holidays when everyone wants to chill. However, there are chores that still need to get done. Help out to ease the pressure off whoever is handling them. Clear the table, do the dishes, sweep, cook. These activities provide extra opportunities for bonding.


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