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Travelling for naturalistas can be quite challenging. You can’t just throw clothes into a bag and go. You may need a separate bag for products and tools. Letting your hair go while on vacation can bring disastrous results- who wants a stressful wash day after a restful vacation? You don’t have to transfer your entire stash of products to your suitcase though- just a few will do.

Consider the basics, the absolute must-haves. A satin scarf/ bonnet for example should be the first thing you pack. It’s essential to prevent the moisture in your hair from escaping. Cotton pillowcases are an enemy- they absorb moisture from the strands, leaving them dry and brittle.

An empty spray bottle is a life-saver. Carry one to use for spritzing your hair for that vital hydration. If travelling by air, choose a small bottle that conforms to regulations. Apart from keeping hair hydrated, spritzing helps when styling in case your hair is open.

Vegetable glycerine and leave-in conditioner are great additions for the water in your spray bottle. Glycerine keeps hair soft by absorbing water from the atmosphere. The nutrients in leave-in conditioners ensure that your strands stay healthy.

Carry at least one oil for sealing after you spritz. Oils are also great for reducing friction and frizz while undoing braids or twists. If planning to swim, spritz your hair until it’s drenched, apply leave-in conditioner then finish with the oil. This should form an effective barrier against chlorine.

If your hair is open, you’ll need styling tools. Elastic hair ties, bobby pins and a panty hose leg are great for doing quick puffs or buns. Don’t forget a wide-toothed comb to aid you when getting rid of tangles as you style.

Head wraps help to conceal many secrets on those days our coils refuse to cooperate, or we’re just feeling lazy to style our strands. Pack one or two in cheerful colours for hair emergencies.


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