Today’s consumerism culture has created a very poor attitude about what we own. When something gets old, just throw it away, right? A new phone model is released and we rush to buy, discarding the one we have even if it still works. This leads to waste and environmental pollution through e-waste. Instead of throwing old electronics into the trash, here’s how you can make a difference.

Pcs And Laptops

An old PC doesn’t have to end up in the bin. Salvage the parts that still work. For example, the hard drive can be extracted and used as an external drive. Using your laptop screen as a second screen next to your PC monitor comes in handy for those who are into graphic design or research.


If the electronics are still in good shape, find someone who’s willing to buy. Broken devices can still be sold- there are companies and individuals who specialise in fixing or recycling such items.


There are institutions that would appreciate old Tvs and radios, for example. As long as they work, of course. You could also give out phones to friends or family who aren’t concerned about latest models. Or maybe theirs got lost and they need a phone to hold on to before they get a new one.

Mp3 Players

Instead of purchasing a home stereo system, use that old Mp3 player that’s accumulating dust in the attic. Simply connect it to new speakers and you’re good to go! This saves both space and money.


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