If you’re just about to join college or move out of your parents’ house, you’ll most likely share a dorm or apartment with someone. You’ve pictured having a good time, getting along smoothly after getting over the awkwardness of being strangers. However, you’ll at some point experience roommate issues. If not handled well they could make your living experience a nightmare.

Ever- present

Having someone to share housing with is great as there’s someone to keep you company. But if your┬ároommate is always there, it becomes unsettling. You can’t even bring visitors over or have some alone time once in a while. Have a friendly chat with her to find out the reason for this.

It may be that she’s just introverted. If this is so, suggest places where she can hang out, like student lounges or the library. Maybe she doesn’t have many friends. Ask if she’s interested in tagging along to events you attend or clubs where you’re a member.

Constant Borrower

It’s almost inevitable that you’ll have to share some items when you have a┬ároommate. However if she keeps borrowing stuff, and- worst of all- doesn’t give it back unless asked- this is really annoying. Especially if you don’t like sharing personal items much. Have a chat with her about boundaries, preferably on the first day you settle in. Let her know how you feel about sharing items, and which ones you don’t feel comfortable sharing.

Hygiene Issues

It’s expected that since you’re both adults, you’ll maintain at least basic standards of cleanliness. If your roomie doesn’t regard personal and environmental grooming, living together will be impossible. Or she may not be that dirty but leaves all the chores to you. In such a case, draw up a cleaning schedule that you both agree with. Do this early enough so you all get used to it.

Clashing Schedules

You and your roommate may have varying schedules. This may affect your sleep and rest times if she works or studies in the room at night and sleeps during the day. Discuss when would be most convenient for her to work in the room and plan your rest times around this. If there’s a library she can use, the better.

The key is communication. Make your concerns known in a friendly and respectful manner. Most decent people would understand.


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