tinted makeup removal- colour correcting- Ingredients

Makeup helps to enhance our looks. One of the key products that minimises the appearance of blemishes is foundation. But what if you aren’t big on makeup yet still desire a flawless look? Tinted moisturiser is for you. It gives a quick and easy ‘no makeup’ makeup look.

This product is formulated to even out skin tone while hydrating the skin, just like new-age foundations. In fact, the two are quite similar. They contain pigments such as titanium dioxide, iron oxide, and mica which give the skin a bit of colour.

Both contain ingredients that control their pH and thickness, both contain emollients essential for keeping moisture within the skin and humectants that attract moisture to skin. However, tinted moisturisers have more humectants but less pigment as compared to foundations. Thus they are best for people with dry skin. They also have a lighter coverage than foundation. If you have few blemishes, this will suit you.

When choosing such moisturisers, go for one that’s slightly darker than your skin tone. This ensures you warm up your skin instead of looking pale. Before applying this product, go through your cleansing routine. Apply primer, moisturiser then the tinted moisturiser. Set the products in place using a loose/ setting powder.

During warmer months, you might want to tone down on heavy makeup. This is where tinted moisturisers come in handy. They are lighter on the pores and contain sunscreen- an added bonus for your skin.

To apply tinted moisturiser flawlessly, put it on a dry beauty blender/ sponge. Dab at the centre of your forehead, blending out towards the hairline. Follow by applying down the bridge of the nose and outward to the cheeks. Move to the jawbone and the upper part of the neck for an even look. If your face happens to get oily during the day, dab on some sheer pressed powder.




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