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Just like white, wearing black is quite tricky. Especially if worn head-to-toe, you could look like one headed to a funeral. Your outfit could come off as one-directional and boring. However, with a few tricks black can completely rock. After all, this colour goes well with all skin tones, has a slimming effect, works with all hair colours and is undeniably chic.


For all-black ensembles, having the correct fit is very important. Since black is slimming, you need not worry about your figure too much. If the fit is too loose the clothes give you a drab and sloppy appearance. You don’t want that now, do you?



To give your outfit some life, go for bold accessories or those in popping colours. A solid colour belt, for example, gives structure and adds a point of interest to a black suit. High heels in a bold colour work great as well. An animal print bag helps to break the monotony of an all-black outfit.


Instead of wearing one type of fabric, incorporate several to give your outfit some depth. For instance, pair a velvet coat with a cotton blouse. This way the combination doesn’t look flat.


Add some interest to your outfit by playing around with proportions. For example, pair a flare trouser with a tight-fitting top. Or a wide blouse with a tight skirt. The key is to balance out your silhouette.


A change of lipstick colour can change the whole mood of your all-black outfit. Switch from a day-friendly look with a nude lipstick to a party mood at night with a bold red lip.


That statement pair of shoes that you wish you could wear more often? Yes, that one. Get it out of the wardrobe and use it to complement your all-black ‘do. The bolder the details on the shoe, the better. Whether graphic-print sneakers or lace-up stilettos, as long as the shoes are extra you’re good to go.



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