colour blocking

Life is too short to wear boring outfits, right? However, rocking a unique look goes beyond the design of the clothes. You can use colour to bring life into your outfits. One way to do it us by colour blocking.

The most common form of colour blocking is to use bright colours. Your look can either comprise of two or three colours that are each four spaces apart (triad), two that are opposite one another on the colour wheel (complementary) or shades that are all beside one another (analogous).

Colour wheel.

Another way to pull this off is by going the neutrals route. Have one neutral colour such as white, gray, browns, navy blue, and compliment it with a bright colour like yellow, green, or red.

Accessories can also be used to achieve a colour block. backpacks, belts, watches, arm wear, shoes, socks, shoelaces…the choices are endless. The best part is, you get to define for yourself what combinations to use- there are no restrictions! Just make sure you don’t end up looking like a clown.

Since colours are the focus in this case, steer clear from prints. These will make your outfit look too busy.

Colour blocking is one of the ways you can develop a personal style. As such, choose colours and pieces that compliment your skin tone and frame. Try different combinations until you find those that work for you.


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