Good-looking skin is a major confidence booster. This is why many ladies apply so much energy, time, money and other resources to achieve that youthful glow. Which is all in order, though there are mistakes they’re prone to making in the process. Here are some common skincare blunders and how you can avoid them.

Vigorous Washing

After a busy day out your face probably feels dirty. Pollutants such as dust and exhaust fumes tend to settle on the skin. If you’ve worn makeup, that’s more layers of what you need to remove. This might tempt you to be vigorous while washing your face, but this is detrimental. Facial skin is delicate and should be handled delicately. Use a soft washcloth and gentle upward circular motions. When drying your skin, pat it gently instead of rubbing the towel back and forth.

Too Much Exfoliation

Exfoliation is an essential part of skincare since it gets rid of dead skin cells, resulting in silky smooth skin. However, going overboard with it irritates the skin. Doing it too forcefully or too many times a week is harmful in the long run. Your skin needs a barrier against environmental toxins and harsh sun, which excess exfoliating removes. Keep it to twice a week maximum.


As with anything health-related, the best care starts from within. Limit the amount and frequency of consuming processed foods, especially artificial fats and sugars. Opt for fresh fruits and vegetables instead. Drink lots of water to assist the skin in flushing out toxins and staying supple.

Failing to Moisturise Oily Skin

In an attempt to keep your face matte, you may think ditching moisturiser is a good idea if you have oily skin. However, this only triggers the skin to produce more oil to keep it from drying out. There are specially made moisturisers for such skin. They are lightweight and water-based so as to reduce shine on your face. Products that contain sodium hyaluronate and glycerin are best since these ingredients keep the skin supple with water.

Skipping Sunscreen

Even though ‘black don’t crack’, our skin still needs protection from UV rays. These are present as long as there’s sunlight- so apply sunscreen even on cloudy days.


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