A big part of adult life is holding a job. For those in formal employment, time spent at work makes up a huge chunk of their lives. Since the workplace is where you spend a lot of your time, it’s important to maintain a peaceful environment. But this can be a challenge when your coworkers are hard to deal with.

Annoying Habits

Some people just have annoying behaviour. Whether it’s taking your stationery without permission, chewing too loudly, singing along while listening to music on their headphones, you name it. Having coworkers who do this can drive you up the wall, especially if the behaviour is consistent. In such a case, have a candid conversation with the culprit. Be clear on how what they do affects your ability to concentrate at work. If they’re decidedly stubborn, talk to their immediate supervisor.


You know those people who never see anything positive in any situation? They just focus on what’s wrong or what’s not working. And they might just decide to make you the recipient of their complaints. How do you tell off such coworkers without it turning into a fight? Let them know you’re uncomfortable with negative conversations. When they bring up complaints as you’re chatting, steer the convo to a positive direction.


Apart from confronting difficult coworkers directly, avoiding them works too. Don’t spend too much one-on-one time with them. If they want to start an argument or pick a fight, don’t engage. If they are prone to sharing information you gave them in confidence, avoid sharing sensitive information. Sometimes taking the avoidance route is neccessary for certain things to die off.

Switch Jobs

If you’ve tried your best to handle things but they’re still out of hand, consider changing jobs. Weigh the cost of staying where you are & losing your peace of mind versus going elsewhere. Hopefully you won’t encounter worse difficult workmates there!


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