When we talk about cancer awareness, we think of initiatives done by health professionals, and campaigns providing free screening. We rarely think of other forms of spreading the message. Well, a group of women are providing a different narrative- using motorcycles. They call themselves the Female Bikers Initiative.

The women are drawn from various professions: banking, fashion, I.T, entrepreneurship and many others. Most people consider it normal for men to ride bikes but when a woman does it, it’s a thing of marvel. The FBI ladies use this to their advantage. They educate those who come to watch them ride on various forms of cancer, risk factors and how to prevent the diseases.

Last year, they were focusing on breast and cervical cancer awareness. During the campaign they paid for 500 women to get tested. They encouraged women to go for regular screening, since early detection of cancer increases chances of success during treatment. This year their target is to screen and vaccinate 5000 women in Lagos, free of charge.

Apart from cancer awareness, the FBI seeks to change people’s perception about female riders. People mistake them for crazy party animals, but these women are showing there’s more to riding bikes than just having fun.

To learn more about these amazing ladies and their work, simply visit


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