Having sensitive skin can be really tough to deal with. Since it’s prone to irritation, one has to be very careful about the products they use and how they are applied. If you’re struggling with sensitive skin, here are a few pointers for simple yet effective skin care.

Such skin requires gentle products. Look for those with mild formulas and start with those. If they aren’t as effective, slowly work your way up to stronger ones. When shopping for new products, do a test first before taking them home. Apply a small amount to the back of your hand then wait for a few minutes. If there’s irritation, don’t buy the product.

Handle your skin like silk. When washing, use gentle movements to avoid agitating the skin. Use a soft face towel and limit the number of times you wash your face each day. After cleansing, pat the skin dry. Rubbing vigorously causes irritation. Let the skin dry completely before applying products.

When dealing with sensitive skin, simplicity is key. Minimise the number of cleansers you use (remember they should be gentle formulas). If you need to add more products, do so one at a time and monitor your reaction to them. If your skin responds well, keep the product.

Use a moisturiser based on your skin’s needs. If you’re battling acne, heavy moisturisers aren’t for you. Don’t forget to use sunscreen even on cloudy days. It helps to protect the skin from harsh UV rays which are present as long as there’s sunlight.

Look out for irritation triggers in your lifestyle such as too little sleep, pollutants in the air and stress. These cause the skin to flare up as your body tries to deal with them.

And of course, the best skin care starts from within. Eat those fruits and vegetables to keep the skin supplied with vitamins. Drink lots of water to flush out toxins and keep your skin hydrated from within.




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