Going on a date is exciting- you get to spend time with your significant other in a (hopefully) relaxed setting. But it can also be a teeth- grinding experience, depending on how you or the other party behaves. Here are some simple etiquette pointers to help you have an amazing time.

Setting Up The Date

If you’re the one doing this, ask your partner a few days in advance. Don’t expect them to drop everything for you last minute. After all, they have a life of their own too.

Keep Time

There’s nothing cute about being late. Ladies have been advised not to arrive early because they might appear desperate. However, one of the worst ways to disrespect someone is to waste their time. If you happen to run late due to factors out of your control, send your partner a courtesy text. Or better still, call them. Do this early enough to enable them plan a way forward. If you absolutely can’t make it, offer to postpone the date rather than cancel.


Dates are great for having one-on-one discussions. As such, you should listen to what your partner is saying. Really listen, don’t be quick to respond for the sake of it. And don’t make the conversation all about you. You’ll come off as selfish and this is a turn-off. Instead, ask your date questions about himself and take keen interest in the answers.

In the same vein, resist the urge to check your phone every two minutes. After all, you came to spend time with your partner, not the phone. Being glued to your screen is inconsiderate- give your date your full attention.

Go Alone

Again a popular piece of advice for ladies is to tag along her girlfriends while going on dates. Whether for security purposes or just to see if the man has cash to spend, this is inappropriate. How would you feel if someone heaped financial obligations on you out of nowhere? If worried about safety, text a few friends beforehand to let them know where you’re going. If you’re really concerned, then you can bring a friend to the venue- provided she stays at a distance discreetly.



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