The second Sunday of May is coming up and you know what that means… Mother’s Day! If you’d forgotten, use this reminder to get something ready. There are countless options on what to do and every mum is different. That being said, here’s a cheat sheet on a few ideas of treats your mum will love.

Handmade Gift

Nothing communicates that you’ve spent time carefully considering a gift more than a handmade one. Let your artistic side out and craft something. It doesn’t have to be big or perfect- even a card will suffice. Your mum will appreciate that you went out of your way to come up with a unique gift for her.

Spa Day

This is perfect especially if your mum works long hours/ has many responsibilities. She probably hasn’t treated herself in months. Use this┬áMother’s Day weekend to take her out on a spa date. You could book her a personal session or go together for some bonding time. This will leave her feeling relaxed. You could volunteer to take care of chores for the day so that she can fully unwind.

Beauty Products

Replenish your mum’s stash of beauty products- skin products, hair products, perfumes. If there’s one she’s been wanting to try, purchasing it will be a thoughtful gesture.

Day Out

This doesn’t have to be something too elaborate. You could pack a basket and have a relaxed picnic, go for a nature walk, eat out at a restaurant, go on a day trip or game drive, watch a movie, engage in sports activities… there are numerous choices to suit any taste. As long as you both have fun, the activity doesn’t matter.

Custom- made Gift

You could have an artist create a customised gift for example a mug engraved with your mum’s name. Or sneak her favourite outfit to a tailor and have them make a special outfit with her exact measurements. Nothing says “I’m thinking of you” more than a customised gift.


Gift your mum a book or three by her favourite author(s) and watch her face beam up this┬áMother’s Day.

Whatever you do, let it come from the heart rather than it being an obligation to avoid feeling guilty.


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