Denim has been around for ages. It’s come a long way from the hardy Levi jeans designed for gold miners- now it’s available in various thicknesses, colours and designs. Apart from the usual jeans and sneakers weekend ‘do, there’s so many ways to wear this fabric and look stylish.


Stand out by rocking a jeans dress. They bring a fresh twist to the casual outfit arena. They’re available in various designs and lengths to suit any taste.


The denim jacket is an easy way of pumping up your outfit. Use it to complete your outfit when wearing soft trousers paired with a printed shirt. This gives you a sporty vibe. Alternatively, a solid colour long dress accompanied with a clutch bag gains a chic attitude when topped with a denim jacket.


For a unique casual look, opt for a jeans shirt over your t shirt and finish off with dark trousers. On warmer days you can trade the trousers for a short skirt or shorts for a cute look. Don’t be shy now, show off those beautiful legs.


Forget the usual blue, jeans can be worn in other colours too. This requires some level of boldness. Red, green, black, white and even yellow- yes, yellow- are some of the colours you can try. Just remember to keep the rest of your outfit in neutral solid colours so that it’s not overwhelming.


As with any style, the safest way to introduce yourself to it is in small doses. Rubber- soled shoes made of this fabric are a good starting point. Another option is jeans backpacks. They’re not only trendy but hard wearing as well- great for frequent travellers.


With the right classic blazer, you can take your jeans and blouse outfit from basic to chic. Finish off with a cute clutch and pumps or heels and you’ll get heads turning.


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