Keeping fit is one of the most aspired to goals around the world. In an attempt to achieve this, people do all manner of things, some of which are downright crazy. How do you tell if what you’re doing is beneficial? Here are some of the top fitness myths- busted.

More Sweat= More Burnt Fat

This sounds like it makes sense, right? Having sweat- soaked exercise kit indicates you’ve killed those calories thoroughly…or have you? Sweating means your body is losing water to cool you down. More sweat doesn’t mean burning more calories than less sweat. When you drink water after your exercise session, you gain back the water weight.

More Exercise Is Better

This is only true upto a certain point. If your body doesn’t get enough rest in between workouts, muscles get overly strained. Schedule in enough days to rest to enable your body recover. Also, varying the workouts you do keeps injuries at bay.

Sit-ups= Flat Tummy

Although they are the most popular ab exercise, sit-ups (crunches) actually involve only a small portion of ab muscles. They are less effective as compared to planks and bridges. If you incorporate sit-ups into your fitness regimen, ensure you maintain the correct posture to avoid spinal injuries.

Working Out Is Best For Weightloss

Exercising to burn up what you eat isn’t the most effective way to lose weight. Many health experts agree that having a healthy diet is key. This means including all food groups in reasonable proportions, and serving appropriately- sized portions. Eliminating a food group such as carbs robs your body of essential nutrients. Remember though that a good diet doesn’t eliminate the need for an active lifestyle.

Lifting Weights Makes Women Bulk Up

Weight lifting does tone your muscles, but not to the point of looking like a professional body builder. Unlike men, women have lower testosterone levels. This is the hormone responsible for buffing up muscles. So don’t shy away from the weights in your fitness plan- they will firm up your muscles in a good way.


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