The month of June comes with lots of great things, and one of them is Father’s Day. Father’s Day is celebrated every second Sunday of June and is a great excuse to treat your father or father figure in your life. Here are some ideas to help you pick the perfect gift.

1. Paid TV Subscription

This is a world cup year and most of the action is only accessible on paid TV options. If your father is a fan of the game, (as most men seem to be) he’ll be looking forward to catching the matches. Make things easier for him by setting him up with a subscription or upgrading him to a better package if he already does not have one.

2. Spa Treatment

Going to the spa comes with benefits that help relieve stress and some of those aches we get as we go about our daily lives. There are so many spas right now that offer packages targeted to men. Pick one that includes a shave, massage and a mani-pedi. If you’re really looking to splurge, inlcude a facial and body scrub.

3. Fashion Statement

If you’re dad is a fashion lover or could use a fashion upgrade, this is a great option. You can either revamp his whole wardrobe and make a project of it that you do together, or you can have something like a tuxedo or ankara suit custom made for him. You can also go for a gorgeous pair of shoes or a watch.

4. Connoisseur Appreciation

Is your dad a whiskey lover? Or maybe he loves his craft beer? Or perhaps he’s into a certain genre of music or art? Whatever your dad’s passion or hobby, you can pick a gift with it in mind. Even better, you can have a gift custom made. You can have most things engraved nowadays to add a personal touch to gifts and major points to you if you can get something signed by someone he’s a fan of.

5. Family Time

Sometimes, the best gift is time. Gather the family together and take your dad out to lunch or dinner. Make sure it’s a place he likes and use the time to bond and catch up. This is especially special if you and your siblings no longer live at home. Even better, you can go over to your dad’s house and cook from there to really make it a family day.

Happy Father’s Day!


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