Road trips. One of the best ways to immerse yourself in scenery as you travel. They allow you to really soak in the various locations you pass through. But these trips can be tiring when they go on for hours. With a bit of creativity though, you and your companions can keep yourselves entertained until the destination.


There are numerous games you can play- from guessing games, to spotting cars of a particular colour, counting games, charades, cards, and if you’re using a smooth route, board games. You can even come up with your own games! The options are endless.


If on the road with friends, blast some music and sing along. You could rotate amongst yourselves with each person having a chance to put their playlist. If you’re on public transport alone, make sure to pack your earphones before you leave the house- to help you escape into your own world while on the trip.


Another way to mentally escape is to read an engaging book. Especially if it’s fiction. Exercise your mind by visualising the scenes as you read, to create a ‘movie’ in your head. For those with an active imagination, go ahead and add sound effects for the full experience.

Scenic Routes

If there’s more than one way to get to your destination, choose the more scenic one. If possible, stop for photos of the landscapes and yourselves. This makes the trip even more interesting instead of just waiting to arrive. In addition it engages the mind and helps the driver stay awake.


In between stories and games with friends, you could use your laptop to organise those random files, watch movies, write down ideas for your next book or blog post… Remember to place a hard flat object between the laptop and your laps to avoid heat- related injuries.


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