A woman’s hair is her crown. When your hair is ‘cooperating’, you feel like a boss. Apart from ensuring it’s healthy, another way of pumping it up is using accessories. You can switch up your vibe simply by changing hair accessories- here’s how.


Most of us associate beads with hairstyles we did as kids. Back then we used plastic beads. If you don’t mind a ‘sweet girl’ look, incorporate these into your braids. This goes well with a laid back weekend, especially for festivals. There are also wooden beads which are gaining popularity mostly among naturalistas aiming for the African theme.

Bobby Pins

Apart from keeping flyaways in check, these pins are a creative styling option. Use gold/ silver/ glitter pins to form patterns as you desire. This is a definite head- turner, and even conversation- starter!


Yes, they have found their way to hair as well! These accessories come in many forms such as circular and spiral. Use them to add pizzazz to your twists, braids and even locs.


You must have seen the gold thread around a few times. This trend emerged last year and is still popular. Let your faux locs, braids and bantu knots stand out by adding gold thread. To secure it you may want to use a crotchet needle as your hair is being styled.


For those glam events such as high- profile weddings and high teas, fascinators come in handy. They allow you to keep your hair simple- so if you’re short on styling time or clueless how to wear your hair, just throw on a fascinator.


There are chains specially made for hair styling. If you don’t have one around but want to try this option, how about using your wrist/ body chains? With a little creativity you can pull it off and no one has to know your little secret.

Flower Crowns

Yes, yes, they’ve been here for a minute. Don’t let that discourage you from wearing one though. They are amazing in topping off high puffs and afros. Use them to ad cheery vibe to your sundress/ maxi dress on sunny days.

Head Wraps

Nothing says ‘stylish and confident’ like head wraps. Get a few in colours that you like. They are saviours when you want to give your hair a break, switch up your look or have a hair emergency.


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