The maternity period can be daunting in terms of deciding what to wear. Especially for first- time mums-to-be who may be conscious of their body. However, being pregnant doesn’t necessarily mean drab clothing. You can be pregnant and stylish.

Stretchable Pants

Go for pants with stretchable waistlines. This will ensure comfort throughout your pregnancy, and you can still go back to them after delivery.

Breathable Fabrics

During pregnancy the body undergoes many changes, one of which is changing temperatures. To deal with the fluctuating body temps, choose clothing with breathable fabrics. This allows you to layer various pieces as necessary.


Fitted blazers come in handy on those days when you have to leave the house but your body argues otherwise. Just pick a simple dress and throw a fitted blazer over it. Wear it unbuttoned if your bump is further along in the journey.

Long Tops

Tops that go past your hips help to cover up your belly during the first months and give you a beautiful silhouette.

Shift Dresses

If you have a petite frame, shift dresses will work well for you. They skim over your figure nicely and you can get away with mini length.

Button-up Tops

During your first trimester, wear these tops buttoned up. As the months go by wear them unbuttoned over a vest as a top layer.


Add some flavour to your outfits by incorporating prints. Bright colours and bold patterns help to lift your mood during those ‘I just want to stay in bed’ days.


Enjoy and celebrate your body as it goes through the transformations of pregnancy. After all, it will only be that way for a few months. Stock up on statement accessories to add a punch to your outfits and accentuate your pregnancy glow.

Loose Tops

Flowy tops will sit well over your bump without causing discomfort or looking baggy. They are also great for when you’ll be nursing.




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