Apart from wedding day preparations, deciding on a honeymoon location takes a lot of consideration. You may be a spontaneous person who’s ‘down for whatever’ but prior preparation always makes things easier. And since you’re not travelling solo, you’ll need your significant other’s input too.

Compare Bucket List Locations

Since it’s a joint trip, you’ll need to meet each other halfway. Write down the places you’ve each wanted to visit. Make the list when alone to avoid being influenced by your partner. When done compare notes. Pick a destination based on: activities you both love doing, which place(s) excites both of you equally or which locations can be paired together.


Just as with any trip, research is key especially if it’s a new place you’re visiting. Find out  the climate of your destination, what is required of foreigners, accommodation and transport options and reviews of such services.


Apart from transport cost (to the destination), other things such as meals and transport to/ from your hotel can poke holes in your purse. Consider every cost you might incur, no matter how small and plan for that. Whenever possible choose the cheaper option and look for sales & special offers. After all, you don’t want to be stressed about overshooting your budget during the  honeymoon.

Current Events

Even though you might be swimming in the adrenalin rush of being married, be tuned in to current events in your destination(s). Be it national elections, violence, political tension or natural disasters, you need to be aware of them and the possible implications on your  honeymoon.


Unmet expectations breed frustration. Discuss with your fiance what each of you expect of the  honeymoon. Is it luxury or no- frills travel? Lots of activities or being laid back? Find a compromise of what you both enjoy and go with that.



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