Many people have decried the increasing level of impatience in today’s world. We seem to be living in the ‘microwave’ age with a craving for instant results. When it comes to food though, this isn’t a bad thing, is it? When you’ve had a long day and there’s little energy left to make dinner, a microwave comes in handy. Before you buy one, there are some things you should consider.


If you’re living solo, a small machine is adequate. However if you have a large family go for a microwave that will allow you to prepare entire meals at a go. This saves you the hassle of preparing small portions at a time. There are those that have two shelves to enhance efficient use of space. Also consider the size of your utensils such as dinner plates. Imagine the agony of buying a microwave only to get home and the plates can’t fit!


Higher wattage means the food cooks faster. Most microwaves range from 600-100 watts, choose one depending on your needs.

Extra Features

Why buy a machine only for reheating food? Choose one with extra features such as a grill which ensures the food turns out crisp & well browned. Others use convection heating to move hot air inside the microwave. Roasting and baking are a breeze thanks to this.

Progressive models use sensors to calculate cooking time based on the amount of steam emitted by the food. Others have an automatic defrost setting so you don’t have to rely on guesswork to determine defrosting time.

Child Safety

If your children are too young to safely operate the machine, buy one with a child lockout feature. This requires you to enter a code before the machine can work.




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