Life today is increasingly being lived through technology. Phones have become extensions of ourselves. The definition of ‘career’ is also changing, with activities such as vlogging becoming income earners among the young population. While DSLRs are known for their amazing quality, you don’t necessarily need one to be a vlogger. Just choose a phone with a good camera and you’re set.

Moto Z

If you’re looking for something that’s wallet- friendly, Moto Z is the cheapest smartphone with a camera that can still compete with top flagships.

It includes optical image stabilization in its rear camera, ensuring clear footage when you’re moving, for example in a car.

Despite lacking the 3.5mm jack, it has improved audio speaker when compared to the top flagships, especially in its front-facing microphone. Also, you can still connect audio recording devices through the USB Type C.


This phone’s camera has an impressive performance in terms of colors, dynamic range and clarity. In addition, it records 4k video just like both its main competitors, the iPhone7 and Galaxy S8.

However the LG G6 front camera seems like its weakest link, since it lacks OIS. So if you want to venture into vlogging in selfie mode, this might not be the phone for you. Also, the camera doesn’t perform well in low light.

Samsung S8 & S8+

This phone features two lenses, one on the front and one on the rear. Both open up to f/1.7 allowing for shallow depth of field. It’s capable of video quality equivalent to high-quality mid-range mirrorless and DSLR cameras. With hours of video recording on a single charge, an input for an external mic, HDR, and optical image stabilization, forget about buying a vlogging camera and stick with the S8.

iPhone 7 Plus

Apple went all out with this one. They gave us both a wide-angle lens and telephoto lens in one phone. And both cameras have 12-megapixels, meaning you can get DSLR-quality video without buying a DSLR.

In Portrait Mode you’re able to achieve a bokeh (blurred background) effect, you can capture shots just like DSLRs do,giving a shallow depth of field. This phone only shoots Portrait Mode with still shots, but there are several apps such as Fabby and FabFocus, that let you activate this mode while shooting video.


  • When shopping for a phone to vlog with, go for one whose camera is designed for optimum video quality.
  • For you to produce high-quality content with ease, you’ll need certain accessories. These include a microphone, micro SD that supports 4K recording and a selfie stick to stabilize the phone.



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