Many ladies admit to struggling with getting their brows into a presentable shape. For some, it takes up the most time in their makeup routine. If you’re just beginning to try out makeup not to worry, there are various eyebrow shaping options to choose from.


This technique involves removing individual hairs or rows of hairs by twisting a loop of thread around them. It has its origin in ancient Persia.

If you’re keen on precision this might be the method for you. Threading can pull out even the shortest of hairs. It’s also preferred by those with sensitive skin since the top layer of skin isn’t pulled out. If you’re on skin treatments such as retin- A this brow shaping option will suit you best.

Since it’s a more difficult option compared to others, choose your beautician carefully and avoid doing it on yourself.

Plucking/ Tweezing

In this method, a pair of tweezers is used to pluck hairs from the root. It is safe enough to be done at home. For best results, use tweezers with an angled tip. Work in natural light to enable you see clearly. Remove one hair at a time and do it slowly (ensure you allocate enough time for the procedure). Step back from the mirror from time to time to see how the brow looks overall, then continue until pleased with the results. Tweezing can be done every 10 days or so.


A thin layer of hot or cold wax is spread over the area of unwanted hair. A cloth strip is then placed on top of the wax. The cloth is pulled off rapidly, removing both the wax and hair.

This option gives defined arches, and lasts up to 4 weeks. However, it’s harshness on the skin surrounding the eyes makes it unsuitable for those with sensitive skin or on topical skin treatments such as retin- A.


Eyebrow tinting involves applying a dye to the eyebrows to make them darker. The dye is left on for 15- 20 minutes and then rinsed off. Apart from making brows darker, it also gives an illusion of fullness for those who have thin brows. The colour should last 4- 6 weeks, after which your eyebrows return to their original colour. Some of the brands you could check out include Eylure Permanent Brow Tint and SmartFX SmartBrow.


This is also known as microblading. A small hand tool is used to draw small strokes resembling hair onto the skin. No hair is pulled out- perfect for those with thin brows. The pigment lasts from one to two years.


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