Many naturalistas find themselves in a tight spot when taking up exercise. Especially those with type 4 hair. Since our hair loves to shrink and coil around itself, workouts and natural hair seem mutually exclusive. You don’t have to choose one over the other though, you can still keep fit while having your hair in top shape.

Before The Gym

To keep your hair from drying after exercise, spritz your hair with water, apply leave-in conditioner then a little essential oil.

Protective Styles

These keep your hair stretched thus reducing how much it shrinks and tangles. They also keep your hair out of your sweaty face. Sweat causes the hair strands to become brittle, leading to breakage. This tip especially goes to those whose hair length is medium to long. In addition, you can keep your hair in protective styles when washing after the gym, saving you time.


When doing high intensity exercise, you will sweat and this might end up running down your forehead and edges. After several days of sweat accumulating on your edges, the hair can get brittle and break due to sweat’s salty nature. To avoid this, wear a headband on your forehead and wash it regularly.


Sweat on the scalp is irritating when it starts to itch. Your scalp can also get musty. Styling your hair in such a way that the scalp is exposed is the best remedy. Braids, twists and flat twists are great styling options.They allow for sweat to evaporate thus you won’t need to wash your hair as often.


Many naturals who work out prefer to shampoo at the end of the week and cowash in the middle of the week. Once a month, use a clarifying shampoo to remove product buildup that may have escaped regular shampoo and cowash. When washing, don’t forget to deep condition. This feeds your strands with the nutrients it needs to ward off dryness.¬†After washing, apply your favourite moisturiser and oil to seal in the hydration.

Workout  Weather

Outdoor workouts are great, but they could do harm to your tresses. Exercising in cool weather reduces the amount of sweat produced. Early morning/ late evening are the best times for this. In addition, your skin is kept from drying out.



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