Almost everyone seems to be on a quest to keep fit these days. And when you mention workouts, most people think about the gym. But what if that’s just not your thing? There are alternatives to help you stay fit. After all, the most effective workout is one that you enjoy. If looking for options, you can swim those calories away.

Swimming is one of the few exercises that give you a full body workout. Unlike going to the gym where you exercise specific muscles at a time, you get to workout every muscle as you swim. In addition moving in water is harder than on the ground. This means you exert your muscles more while swimming. 30 minutes in water equates to about 45 minutes of normal exercise.

If sweat grosses you out but you still desire to keep fit, the pool is for you. The water constantly cools your body so you don’t get sweaty.

Swimming is a gentle exercise and so anyone can do it. Whether you’ve just suffered a sports injury, recently given birth, suffer from joint ailments or are elderly, getting into the pool is safe. Since you’re mostly horizontal your body is cushioned from the effects of gravity. The water also carries most of your weight, so there’s less hard impact unlike regular exercise.

Taking a swim after a long day or week washes the stress away. It aids in releasing endorphins, the ‘feel good’ hormones thus boosting your mood. Even a gentle half hour swimming session can significantly lower levels of depression and anxiety, in addition to helping you sleep better.

You might be surprised to learn that taking a plunge in the pool burns more calories than running or walking. Yes! 30 minutes of swimming burns around 200 calories- more than double done by trekking.

Unlike other forms of exercise, swimming exercises the back gently. Working out while upright exerts hard impact on the back, especially the lower region. Swimming means your back is arched gently upwards. This is ideal for counteracting the effects of sedentary work. Over time your posture improves and you’re less susceptible to back injuries.


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