With the rise of the Youtube beauty industry, there has been an influx of makeup tutorials. Most of them focus on day looks to help us look bomb while going to work, church, concerts, etc. But what about night looks? If you’re lost on where to begin, here are some simple tips to get you glam as you step out.


False lashes are a girl’s best friend. They are a saviour especially if you’re not a heavy makeup person, or don’t have enough time to do your whole face. Just plop on some lashes and you’re good to go! EvenĀ a few individual lashes on the upper outside corners of your eyes will go a long way in making them pop.


You may not do anything else, but make sure your eyes are popping. The smokey eye is a sure way to achieve that sultry look. Black is a favourite for this look but you can also experiment with others such as green and blue. To add drama to the look, add a winged liner to the upper lid.


You see those shimmery shades that you never use for daytime looks lest you look like a clown? This is the time to bring them out. Shimmer and glitter work well for night looks since we’re dealing mostly with low light. You can use either glittery eyeshadow or gold shimmer eyeliner for that instant glam.

Bold Lips

Night is the time for bold colours. Bring out those bold lipstick shades and put them to good use- red is particularly suited for this. If you’re experimenting, start with sheer finish lipsticks as you gain confidence to wear matte ones.

Keep It Simple

Choose one area that you want to focus on. If you’re going all out on the lips, keep the rest of your look toned down to avoid overwhelming the face.

Set It

Since going out may involve lots of dancing hence sweat, you need to ensure your makeup stays put. Use a primer with good hold, long- wearing, sweat-proof products and a powerful setting spray.



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